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Exciting times.

9th December 2018

I am about to go to my eleventh graduation ceremony!
Not all my own, of course... In fact only one of them was mine and that happened not too long ago, after two children achieved one degree each and two children got to two degrees each. Most amazing of all, though, is my husband who, having been told at school that he was thick and stupid and would never amount to anything (undiagnosed dyslexia that made the words on the page jiggle into gibberish) has not only worked his way up to a PhD in his own field, is just about to graduate with an MA in Publishing.
You can probably tell that I'm almost bursting my buttons with pride at my amazing, hard-working family.

The best laid plans...

1st December 2018

I had a plan for today.
I woke at four with a really meaty plot twist in my head that I scribbled down in the notebook beside the bed, knowing that it was going to be a really productive writing day, today, but my first job was to put up the next instalment on the 'In the Meantime' page.
Well, I'm as certain as I can be that I followed the instructions to the letter but... when I went to check that everything was where it should be, there it was, Assignment 3 out of order in between Assignments 1 and 2 and I have absolutely no idea how to change them round.
If I delete no. 3 and have another go at uploading it at the end of no. 2 I have no idea whether I'll be deleting it permanently, so that's a route I won't be travelling. On the other hand, the fact that 1, 2 and 3 are in the wrong order is seriously annoying me, especially as I have no idea why it happened. Grrr!
Doubtless the remedy is something utterly simple and completely obvious - if you know what you're doing - but with my brain saying that it wants to get on with the writing rather than the techy stuff I'm going to leave well enough alone and do what makes me happier.

Practice makes perfect?

24th November 2018

I suppose that if I were uploading stuff onto the various pages of the website on a daily basis I might get really confident, after all, they say that practice makes perfect. Well, I'll never claim to have achieved perfection but I managed to get my second offering to appear on the 'In the meantime...' section on my first attempt! However, the other work going on in the background doesn't seem to be quite as easily mastered.
I realise that making the decision to re-edit my work was my own choice and it is certainly involving a large amount of time but... but I've actually discovered that I'm quite enjoying entering into the lives of my earlier heroes and heroines and re-living their trials and tribulations as they make their way to their happily-ever-after.
The really techy stuff that turns my words into a publishable document is something that I'm relieved to place in other hands but the knowledge that it's getting closer to the day that the first book in the series will be released is now more exciting than frightening.
I'll be letting you know as soon as I know the date but in the meantime...

I'm in re-write mode!

8th October 2018

For any of you who are writers, you'll know what I'm going through. Sometimes described as rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic, especially when you just can't see why a scene isn't working the way you want... or the way your editor wants!
In my case the re-writes seem to have been going on forever as it hasn't been just one book under the microscope with scalpel and superglue at the ready but a large chunk of my backlist that will soon be going online for the first time. At the moment I'm updating mentions of drugs and technology and scrutinising every comma but I'm getting there!
In the meantime... with my shiny new website going live, I'm putting up some of the work I submitted during the English Literature degree I finally completed. Most of it was totally outside my usual genre but I learned a lot, especially about sticking to word counts!
Why don't you click on the In the Meantime page and see what you think...