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Practice makes perfect?

24th November 2018

I suppose that if I were uploading stuff onto the various pages of the website on a daily basis I might get really confident, after all, they say that practice makes perfect. Well, I'll never claim to have achieved perfection but I managed to get my second offering to appear on the 'In the meantime...' section on my first attempt! However, the other work going on in the background doesn't seem to be quite as easily mastered.
I realise that making the decision to re-edit my work was my own choice and it is certainly involving a large amount of time but... but I've actually discovered that I'm quite enjoying entering into the lives of my earlier heroes and heroines and re-living their trials and tribulations as they make their way to their happily-ever-after.
The really techy stuff that turns my words into a publishable document is something that I'm relieved to place in other hands but the knowledge that it's getting closer to the day that the first book in the series will be released is now more exciting than frightening.
I'll be letting you know as soon as I know the date but in the meantime...

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