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I'm in re-write mode!

8th October 2018

For any of you who are writers, you'll know what I'm going through. Sometimes described as rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic, especially when you just can't see why a scene isn't working the way you want... or the way your editor wants!
In my case the re-writes seem to have been going on forever as it hasn't been just one book under the microscope with scalpel and superglue at the ready but a large chunk of my backlist that will soon be going online for the first time. At the moment I'm updating mentions of drugs and technology and scrutinising every comma but I'm getting there!
In the meantime... with my shiny new website going live, I'm putting up some of the work I submitted during the English Literature degree I finally completed. Most of it was totally outside my usual genre but I learned a lot, especially about sticking to word counts!
Why don't you click on the In the Meantime page and see what you think...

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